colored concrete pavers

The 8-shaped bricks are widely used in pavements, residential areas, parks, squares, factory gates, gardens and other places. 8-shaped bricks makes people feel relaxed and happy.
The 8-character brick produced by our concrete block making machine has the following characteristics:
1. Rich color and beautiful appearance.
♦ 2. Good quality, high intensity, long service life.
♦ 3. Water permeability and good skid resistance.
♦ 4. high environmental protection effect.
All the above advantages are result from a high technology brick making machine.
Modern automatic hydraulic brick molding machine realizes the functions of organic combination of compression and vibration, double control of product height and density. With the advantages of large exciting force, simple operation, convenient maintenance and reliable operation, it is an economical, advanced brick machine. It also concentrates a lot of advanced technology at home and abroad, which is more stable in production, more scientific in operation and more efficient. 
The mold is customizable according to customer’s requirement. It not only can produce standard brick, hollow brick, blind road brick, pavement brick, roadside stone, pervious brick slope protection brick, pavement brick and so on by replacing different molds.  
brick pavers

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