FL7-10 brick machine

  • Machine type : Automatic brick machine
  • Machine function : interlocking bricks
  • Moulding technology  : hydraulic moulding technology
Machine description
1. Function 
Automatic compressed soil earth interlocking brick block machine can produce various interlocking bricks by changing moulds. 
2. Large capacity 
Making 7 bricks at one time, and shaping cycle only 8~10 seconds, so the daily capacity as high as 20160 pieces. 
3. Advanced technology 
Hydraulic pressure technology is adopted by this machine, the pressure can be as high as 60Mpa, so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength. 
4. High quality mould 
All mould use precise wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment to prolong its service life.The machine frame is made of special thick steel and using special welding techniques. The whole machine is strong and durable.
Main technical parameter of motor
Motor Power Weight Frquency Electricity
Host machine power 11KW 112Kg 1460 r/min 2.6A
Mixer motor 7.5Kw 75Kg 1440 r/min 14.9A
Soil screen motor 1.1Kw 58Kg 1460 r/mim 11.2A
Crusher motor 5.5Kw 22Kg 1400 r/min 2.5A
Conveyors belt motor 0.75Kw 18Kg 1390 r/min 2.0A
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