QTF40-3A egg laying block making machine

  • Machine type : Mobile block making machine
  • Machine function : Hollow blocks, solid blocks
  • Moulding technology  : Vibration technologhy
 egg laying block making machine 
► Machine description
1. Multi- function 
YLF40-3A cement bricks making machine can produce various hollow blocks and solid blo by changing mould. 
2. High production efficiency 
The shaping cycle of this cement block machine is 30s, so the production efficiency is very high. It can achieve 3500 pieces brick per shift (8 hours).  
3. Advanced technology 
Vibration molding technology is adopted by this machine, the bricks produced in this way are durable and wear resistant to ensure product quality and ensure customers' ease. 
4.High Quality Mould 
We use the best steel as the raw material, through advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology carefully made.The bricks produced in this way are strong and durable, and they are also wear-resistant. Such rigid bricks have great demand in the real estate industry. 

► Production capacity table 
 Size(LxWxH)  Reference pic  Pcs/Mould  Pcs/Hour  Pcs/Shift
400x250x200mm     3 270-360  2160-2880 
400x200x200mm     4 360-480   2880-3840
 400x150x200mm    5  450-600  3600-4800
400x100x200mm     7  630-840  5040-6720

► Main technical parameter 

Overall size 1800x1400x1100mm Total power 6.7kw
Vibration force 35.5KN Voltage Adapt to your local voltage
Moulding period 
Mould box size 
The size of the pallet 
No need pallet 
Weight of the machine 
► Block samples
Cement bricks making machine can produce various hollow blocks and solid blocks by changing moulds. The following bricks are some common brick types. Also we can customize brick moulds for you on base of your specific requirements.
block making machine bricks samples
► Customers visiting
block making machine customer visiting
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