FL10-15M cement hollow bricks machine

  • Machine type : Egg laying block machine
  • Machine function : hollow blocks, solid blocks, curbstone
  • Moulding technology  : hydraulic moulding technology
  mobile block making machine
Machine description
1 YLF10-15M cement hollow bricks machine adopt hydraulic molding technology, so it can produce more strong and smooth high quality blocks. 
2 Electric walking technology adopted to this machine, so the machine can easily and simply move to convenient place. 
3 The mould adopt precise wire cutting technology and carburizing treatment technology to prolong service life. 
4 Fully automated mobile production mode gives this machine a very high production capacity, it can produce 16000-32000 pieces blocks per day. 
Main technical parameters
Overall size 3150*1800*2400mm Power of host machine 16KW
Shaping cycle 10-15s Demold method Hydarulic
Voltage Adjustable Models of mixer JS500
Block sample
Automatic cement hollow bricks machine can produce various hollow blocks and solid blocks by changing molds. The following bricks are common brick types. Also we can customize brick moulds for you on base of your specific requirements.block making machine block samplesOur customerhollow block making machine customers visiting
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