QTF10-15 hollow brick making machine

  • Machine type : Automatic block machine
  • Machine function : hollow bricks, solid bricks, paver and curbstone
  • Moulding technology  : Hydraulic molding technical
 automatic block making machine
Machine description 
1.This concrete block making machine can produce various hollow bricks, solid bricks, paver and curbstone by changing mould.
2.The machine is equipped with Siemens motor ,it is better to further guarantee the brickmachine has a stable and high-efficiency working status.
3.The high-pressure hydraulic technology and high-frequency vibration technology are used to produce bricks with high density and high strength. This brick is a good choice for building materials.
4.YLF10-15 automatic hollow block making machine production process using PLC control .The lifting speed fast and the pressure function is well.
Main technical parameters
Oversall size  3500*2300*2930mm Power of host machine 37KW
Weight of host machine 9.8T Vibration force 100KN
Molding area 1196*880mm Models of mixer JS750
Water consumption 1020T/Day Forming period 15-20S
Workshop 260㎡ Pallet size 1300*900*30mm
Theoretical production capacity
Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/8 hours
Hollow: 400*100*200mm 16 2880-3360 23040-26880
Hollow: 400*150*200mm 10 1800-2100 14400-16800
Hollow: 400*200*200mm 8 1440-1680 11520-13440
Hollow: 400*250*200mm 6 1080-1260 8640-10080
Solid: 230*110*70mm 33 5940-6930 47520-55440
Paver: 200*100*60mm 32 5760 46080
Paver: 200*163*60mm 20 3600 28800
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