There are two important systems you should know about the brick making machine

 There are two important systems you should know about the brick making machine:
1、 Excitation system 
1. The damping spring is combined with the damping pad to protect the equipment.
2. The oil injection hole is installed to inject lubricating oil into the vibration box. At the same time, the oil injection hole can also discharge the gas in the vibration box, so as to protect the vibration box. When we use brick machine, we should understand this process.
3. Install a vertical orientation mechanism to ensure that the shaking table vibrates only in the vertical direction. This is very important function for brick machine.
4. Adjustable swing arm synchronization, fast and convenient, to ensure that the mold frame lifting stable and consistent. The structure of both sides is different, one side is fixed, the other side is adjusted. When you use block machine, take care of this part.
5. The motor drives the vibration box with high starting speed, high exciting frequency and strong exciting force. It is easy to repair and maintain.
6. Large scale adjustment of the height of the sub frame, large screw pitch can rotate the ladder shaped screw, fast, stable and accurate. This is very important for block making machine.
2、 Hydraulic system, the key system of brick machine.
1. The hydraulic components adopt international famous brands to ensure the quality.
2. The tubing is installed at high altitude, clean and beautiful.
3. The tubing adopts three to five layers of high-pressure tubing, which is produced by professional manufacturers and will not leak oil. Up to 34mpa. This is amazing for a brick making machine.
4. The oil tank is equipped with a maintenance window to facilitate maintenance
5. Install a cooler on the oil tank to ensure that the oil temperature is not too high. At the same time, oil level gauge is installed on the oil tank to monitor oil temperature and oil level in real time. I think its very important for a brick making machine.  
6. The high and low slope inside the oil tank is convenient for residual oil discharge.
7. The motor and oil pump are connected by coupling, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. Take care of this when you use your machine, especially your concrete block making machine.
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