The features of QTF6-15 fully auto block making machine

 1. Main frame
This auto block making machine is made of square tubes with wall thickness of 6-10 mm and 150 * 150 mm. The square tubes are produced by Jinan steel or Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to ensure stable material quality and good welding performance.
2. Mould
45# steel, high frequency quenching, quenching temperature 875 ± 5 degrees, hardness 52 ± 2 degrees, welding in the water tank, weld 5-8 mm above the water surface, to ensure that the mold welding process does not annealing, to ensure the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the mold.
3. Vibrating box
The shell of this block machine is made of steel casting, and the front and rear bearing blocks are bored at one time to ensure the concentricity of the front and rear bearing blocks; the synchronous gears are used between the two rotors to ensure the synchronization of the two rotors, the horizontal direction is balanced, and the vibration is generated from the upper and lower parts; the bearing adopts the P5 grade high-quality bearing of havalo bearing factory.
4. Vibrating box motor
The frequent starting motor of Boshan motor group is adopted. The motor is a special motor with protection grade of IP44, and the rotor is made of stainless steel. It has good anti shock load performance and is suitable for frequent starting operation.
5. PLC hydraulic and control system
Frequency conversion speed regulation and proportional valve are adopted to realize "low frequency feeding and high frequency forming". With proportional valve, pressure and speed can be changed steplessly to meet the process requirements of the equipment. The hydraulic system is equipped with water cooler cooling system, so that the oil temperature does not exceed 45 degrees, effectively ensuring the service life of oil seal parts and piston rings of hydraulic system.
The block forming is mainly by hydraulic pressure, assisted by machinery, and completed by vibration pressure. The tensile strength of the products can reach more than 15MPa, the density is high, the frost resistance and impermeability are good, the sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation properties are excellent, and the external dimensions are accurate.
The brick machine is suitable for large brick factory or developer. Because of its high degree of automation, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, the machine has been favored by the majority of users since it was put on the market.
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