The advantages of QTF4-25A semi-automatic concrete block brick making machine

1. Meet the existing design standards:
The block brick machine body is made of strong steel square welding, which is very solid, vibration resistant and stable.
2. Simple operation, convenient and quick:
The block making machine mold box adopts double column sliding, which is compact, synchronous and stable lifting, and the block forming rate is greatly improved.
3. High efficiency and low consumption
A limit switch is installed at the lifting part of the mould case to avoid damaging the brick machine when the pressure hopper moves.
4. Applicable raw materials:
Using sand, stone, cement, a large amount of fly ash, slag, coal gangue, ceramsite, perlite and other industrial wastes can be added.
Product type
All kinds of external wall block, inner wall block, floor plate, flower wall block, revetment block, can also produce interlocking pavement block and curb stone block.
5. Application scope: this brick making machine widely used in construction, road, square, hydraulic engineering, garden and other construction.
semi-automatic concrete block making machine

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