QTF40-2 hot sale semi-automatic small block machine

QTF40-2 block making machine is a semi-automatic machine developed by our company on the basis of previous small and medium brick machines. The positioning of mould and pressure head is more accurate. The low mould directional vertical vibration, directional vibration and upper mould pressure vibration are adopted, and the produced block has uniform density and high strength. The efficiency of production is greatly improved by using automatic distribution system. This block machine has good performance, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and meets JC / T920-2003 standard. Since it was put into the market, it has achieved good economic and social benefits. It is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality block and concrete brick (the product can be stacked 3-5 layers after molding). 
This model QTF40-2 semi-automatic concrete block machine has the following features:
1. The three industrial wastes can be used to turn waste into treasure and harm into benefit by this brick machine.
2. This brick making machine contribute to environment and eliminating pollution, because this brick making process can save energy and arable land. 
3. The brick production process is simple and can be produced everywhere.
4. This block machine has the advantages of less investment and quick effect, and can recover the investment in half a year.
5. With automatic cloth distribution function.
6. Beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance. 
QTF40-2 manual concrete block machine

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