General Classification of Modern Brick Block Machines

Modern non-burning brick making machines are very different from the traditional burning brick equipment, especially the classification. Customers who want to buy the traditional brick equipment always need a complicated building process. Because the traditional brick kiln is like a big house, you need to build it first. It also hard to guarantee safety of workers. Now the modern type brick machines are created. They solved all the big problems of the past. Their emergence has become a great revolution in the brick machine industry. Easy and safe operation, low cost, more option, producing brick with higher  strength and so on, all these advantages attracted a large number of bricks manufacturer, since their introduction.
They have very wide range of classification.
♦ Classified by raw materials, there are two types: compressed earth brick making machine and concrete block making machine. 
♦ Classified by state, there are two types: mobile egg laying type block molding machine and stationary block machine.
♦ Classified by degree of automation, there are three types: purely manual brick press machine, semi-automatic brick block machine, and fully automatic brick block molding machine.
♦ Classification by size, there are three types: small cheap brick machine, middle size block machine, and big scale block production line.
So whatever scale your brick factory is, or for personal use, there is always one type that suits you.

different type of brick block making machine

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