Factors affecting the hardness and durability of modern bricks

As a new type of construction material, burning-free brick use the industrial waste slag as the main raw material, which is more friendly to environment comparing with traditional burning red brick, and have higher strength and are more durable. At present, as the government are more serious about the environment protection, more and more brick factory converse to the burning-free brick production. In the long run, the new type environmental brick will gradually replace the traditional red brick step by step. Therefore, the modern brick block machine came into being.
Today let’s discuss an important question: where can the burning-free brick get enough hardness and durability? 
There are two aspects factors if we explain in a simple way: physical action and chemical action.
The physical action mainly refers to the forming pressure in the production process. The forming pressure of modern burning-free brick machine mainly comes from the two method: one is the hydraulic pressure forming and another is vibration forming. 
Chemical actions mainly refers to the role played by the binder in raw material of the modern burning free brick. Chemical actions are further divided into direct Chemical action and indirect Chemical action.  The direct Chemical action is widely used in the brick production. Common cementing material are cement and gypsum. They can play the cementing role with most raw material. So they are be widely used in production process. The indirect Chemical action is used in a small range, and not applied to all the raw material. The action principle is to help the binder to acts as a catalyst, causing Chemical changes in the raw material, which in turn cause adhesion to each other. Suitable for active industrial waste.
In the brick production, the strength is the result of the combination of Physical and Chemical interaction. For more technological information, please contact us! YLF MACHINE is always at your service. 
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