Earth Adobe Brick To Building House

 Adobe brick buildings are thousands of years old.
However, it is also modern.
Here are some ways to use bricks to build energy-efficient and sustainable homes.

Adobe architecture is an ancient architectural method that dates back to 7000 BC and nearly 10,000 years ago.
Turbine buildings can be found in the Middle East, Pacific islands and North America.

Adobe brick structures are common in the southwestern United States.
The Spanish brought it to them in the 17th century.
Before that, tulou could be made from corn cobs.

Earth brick
Earth is a local sustainable material, especially when building bricks in the usable soil of a construction site.
Our clay must be mixed with sand to make good bricks.
Only clay shrinks and breaks when it dries, weakening bricks.
Sand is added to reduce shrinkage and cracking, but too much sand can cause bricks to collapse.
Straw is sometimes added to help shrink and break.

Add water to form a hard mixture, but too much water will weaken the brick again.
Strong clay bricks contain less than 30 percent clay and less than 50 percent sand, according to new Mexico state university.
Local soil should not contain more than 30% silt.

Up to 10% emulsified asphalt can be added to further strengthen the product and make it waterproof.
Commercial bricks include this option.

Make your own bricks
One of my neighbors built his house out of dirt from his house.
This is a time-consuming, labor-intensive but most sustainable approach.

If you are making your own bricks, have County Extension test the composition of the soil.
Then change it to the necessary percentage.
Make a variety of mixes and test the tiles to find the right combination.

After three to four days, the brick will stand and solidify for about a month.
To save workspace, they can be stacked on angled r.

As always, check that your local code fits the build specification.
Some places are stricter than others.
If you want to make your own adobe bricks, consult your soil extensions section and a contractor with adobe production and construction experience.
This will greatly shorten your experiment time.

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