As a technologically advanced product, QT6-15 block machine integrates the needs of the domestic market

As a technologically advanced product, QTF6-15 block machine integrates the needs of the domestic market, so that while its investment has increased by 30%, it has indeed increased its output by 35%. It has unique advantages such as fault query and system upgrade. The amplitude dispersion of each point on the vibration table is smaller, and the unique double vibration box linkage integrated vibration table. The vibration force is more even, thereby ensuring the consistency of the product strength; the top and bottom double-layer frame beam structure makes the frame thicker, stable, and durable.
When the cloth box reaches the top of the mold, QTF6-15 concrete block making machine adopts the new technology of improving the cloth of the predecessors. The materials in the material box of the non-burning brick machine can be quickly and evenly poured into the mold cavity, and the weight error between the products of each single system can be ± 5%, and the strength error ≤ ± 15%.
The vibration frequency, amplitude, vibration acceleration, and noise of the whole block machine are comprehensively tested, and the vibration analysis system is used. In order to adjust the vibration to a good effect.
Control: QTF6-15 concrete hollow block machine adopts Mitsubishi (Germany Siemens) industrial PLC control system, Chinese display, touch operation, stepless frequency modulation and variable speed, which can change the action according to different materials at any time, which is very flexible.
Cloth: The unique crank connecting rod structure and the forced feeding device completely solve the problem of distributing special-shaped bricks. The secondary cloth can produce various colorful pavement bricks.
The whole machine: the non-burning brick machine integrates block machine, electricity and hydraulics, fully automatic cycle operation, fault self-diagnosis display, and absolute safety performance.
Hydraulic: The concealed oil circuit reduces the space occupied by the machine, and the shortened oil pipe makes the power more powerful. The main components are imported from Germany, with greater pressure, and completely solve the problem of long-term operation and easy oil leakage.

Mould: thicker, finely ground, special steel, high-frequency carburizing treatment, mould box gusset plate is not welded, and the service life is longer. It adopts a plug-in design and can be replaced within a few minutes, realizing multiple functions in one machine-QTF6-15 cement brick making machine. 
Anti-vibration: The unique capsule shock absorption technology of the non-burning brick machine can effectively extend the life of the machine body and the mold box under the large excitation force.
Excitation: The large excitation force generated by the table vibration, model vibration, and table model resonance can make the strength of the produced block up to 25 MPa.
Forming: The product has high strength. The unique mold balance design makes the appearance and size of the finished product more accurate.  

QT6-15 fully automatic hollow block making machine


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