Adobe bricks for construction

Adobe bricks have been used for construction for a long time. However, it is also modern. Here are some ways to build energy efficient and sustainable homes using adobe bricks.

Adobe architecture is an ancient architectural method that dates back at least 7000 BC to nearly 10,000 years. Adobe brick buildings can be found in the Middle East, as well as in the Pacific Islands and North America.

Adobe brick structures are very common in the southwestern United States. The Spaniards brought this technology to their ranks in the 17th century. The earth building before this may have been made from corn cobs.

Earth mixture brick
Adobe is a local and sustainable material, especially when building bricks from available soil on construction sites. Our clay must be mixed with sand to make good bricks. Only clay will shrink and rupture when dry, weakening the bricks. Add sand to reduce shrinkage and cracking, but too much sand will cause the tiles to collapse. Sometimes adding straw helps to shrink and crack.

Water is added to form a hard mixture, but the strength of the excess water bricks is reduced. According to the New Mexico State University, the clay content of strong clay bricks is less than 30% and the sand content is less than 50%. The soil should not contain more than 30% of the sludge.

Up to 10% emulsified asphalt can be added to further strengthen the product and make it waterproof. Commercial bricks include this option.

Make your own bricks
One of my neighbors built his house with mud. This is time consuming and labor intensive, but the most sustainable route.

If you are making your own bricks, add multiple blends based on the state of the soil and test the bricks to find the right combination.

As always, please check if your local code is suitable for building specifications. Some places are stricter than others. If you are making your own adobe bricks, please consult your expansion of the soil and consult with the contractor who has experience in adobe production and construction. This will greatly shorten your experiment time.

For adobe bricks, we recommend the M7MI brick making machine and the 5-10 brick making machine. If you need more production, you can choose a fully automatic 5-10 brick machine. If you prefer a mobile-friendly machine, you can choose a mobile diesel engine brick machine.


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